Limited Edition Official Elephant Extinction T-Shirt 2017 designed by Megan Carr

R 370.00

Limited Edition t-shirt designed and signed by Megan Carr. The t-shirt are manufactured in Europe and printed in South Africa.  We have selected the best quality t-shirt for comfort, longevity and best print surface.  The t-shirt is printed on both sides. Our iconic logo is printed on the back of the t-shirt.

The t-shirts are available in Black, White and Grey.   

The wording on the image includes all our favourite slogans and hashtags, used to save this iconic, gentle, sentient species.

These will not be the least expensive t-shirt you will every purchase but it is top quality and by purcashing the t-shirt you are helping us save our Rhino, our Elephant and our Lion in Africa.

Thank you for your generosity.